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Clinically tested and Recommended by most OB-Gyn Doctors !
Helps Relieve Pain - DYSMENORRHEA, Eliminates Odor and other Menstrual Discomfort.
COTTONELLA feminine hygiene products
Market Analysis of Sanitary Napkins
The core security question, hygiene has been ignored repeatedly. According to the relevant experts, it is very common that the ordinary sanitary napkin carries bacteria. It can absorb secondary pollution in the multiple links from the production to consumption. It is reported that 50% in the world use unclean sanitation products. With the improvement of living standards and the health consciousness of the consumers, anion anti-bacterial sanitary napkin (pads) will aid the developments in women's health. The trend is obvious that it will replace the traditional sanitary napkin.
Cottonella Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Napkin Functions
1. Releases Negative Ions:
Anion and Anti-bacterial composite chips in the sanitary napkin releases negative ions. Long-term use can activate collaterals, remove thrombosis and blood poison, antiphlogisis, soothe the nerves, decompress, improve blood circulation and human micro- ecological balance. The negative ions that are released by the chips can effectively remove the peculiar smell of menstruation.
2. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Septic function:
The chip adopts unique unmistakeable technology. It has extremely strong antibacterial properties (anti-bacterial property is up to 90%).
Cottonella is the only high-tech, healthy and anti-bacterial product that has negative ions and odor removal. Tested by the national authoritative department, this product has the highest performance index level in the world.